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Zc33s boost issue

Hello im from panama city , i have a problem with my zc33s

- I change all sensors and selenoid
- do a boost leak test
- verify the turbo charger on a turbo lab's
- change the map and maf sensors
- put the original blow of valve
- verify all the vaccum lines
- the intercooler
- the wastegate vaccum and the wastegate door
- change the sparkplugs
- put a new oem air filter
- do a compression test and all be right
- release the catalizer , i think have a problem inside , buts it is not the problem
- connect to a different 5 Autel's maxiSys scanners and one Launch scanner and dont send any code

And only give to me 7psi, on a normal situation give me 15psi

And i dont know what is my problem , i have 2 week with the same failure

Some one can help me please.


Hi what year is the car...? have you owned it from new..? you have fitted a boost gauge..?

Hello there

Yes i have a autometer boost gauge inside the car

2019 is the year

Yes all new

But i lose the warranty but have a lot of kilometers hehehe

Before i have a power editor from HKS and the blow off , and the first time my car produce that problem y put my oem blow off and disconnect the HKS power editor

And my car works very good , and produce the problem again

Hi sorry if this sounds silly but has the car got no power? very low power?
not just autometer showing 7psi..?

Yes nick , have a very low power.

Only if you go to the grosery works fine

When you the pedal on full throttle only give 7psi and the acceleration is very slow

i have heard a lot of this issue in mexico.
there are 2 possible causes.
1- a lot of zc33s (at least in mexico) came with some issue in the ECU, suzuki had to replace a lot of ecus in mexico because of this low boost issue.
2- you are using shitty fuel, try to pump the highest quality fuel you can find, and add 1 o 2 cans of the best octane booster you can find, and drive the car, if this is the issue, the performance will be restored after a few kilometers.

if number 2 does not fix the issue, you might be suffering number 1 issue, among many other issues of the turbocharged cars.
ps. i am not from mexico, but i speak spanish, you can search in facebook the mexican groups, just search for swift owners mexico, you will find more info there.