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ZC33S (Hybrid) - Dan Prosser Review

Dan Prosser. One of the more respected motoring journalists out there. Compared to your average wannabe YouTube motoring 'journalist' that doesn't have a clue. He's just done a new review of the hybrid ZC33S.

Rates the car highly, and compares it to his old ZC31S from circa 12 years ago. He rates the ZC33S - finishing with a verdict that puts the car just slightly under the class best (the Fiesta ST).

I've said it all along. Someone who is familiar with Swift Sports always needed to test the car properly. Dan has properly tested the handling dynamics of the car. I've always doubted that the Fiesta ST is by far and away better than the Swift Sport. Whilst I think the ST feels better to drive. Ford are always very good when it comes to steering feel and control weights, etc. Many people suggest that the ST is way, way better than the Swift Sport. As if - dynamically - the Swift Sport was flawed. I've never believed this to be the case. I agree - the ST is likely better in feel and overall performance. But as a driving tool - I've always believed the Swift Sport is also a very good drivers car. It seems Dan agrees. I trust his opinion.

Not sure what's going on with the brakes in his test example. Possibly a problem with that specific test car. The brakes in my ZC33S certainly don't exhibit this same problem.

Anyway, video here...

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Mark Gibbon

Thanks for the Info Dazza Sport.

And I've also seen a few reviews on the Tube about the new Sport Hybrid. And to cut a long story short, they all came to the same conclusion. The new hybrid car Is too expensive and slower as well. And It's down to the Individual buying whether they think Its worth spending the extra money for a slower car with no extra gain. Apart from the hybrid feature that Is. 🙄

I will do some 0-60 comparisons but the speed difference is negligible as it has more torque, price is not really an issue it’s being sold at competitive monthly payments with 0% interest and if you want one I know dealers are selling for very good prices...

Unfortunately it’s either Hybrid Swift Sport or No Swift Sport thanks to EU emmisions. All will be hybrid moving to full electric over the next 10-15 years and with tech comes cost so all prices of all cars will go up. I remember when you could buy a 25th Anniversary Golf GTI 180 for £21k now £37+ for a GTI. Just look at the EP3 Type R was £16.5k but the new Type R is £31k.

Depends of country..
In France new Sport Hybrid cost 19000 euros, Fiesta ST 27000 euros..
What can I buy with 19000 euros, a Fiat 500 Hybrid, 70 cv and 92 Nm, lol !!
Easy choice..