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Zc33s WhatsApp group chat

Hi folks, what do you think to the idea of a WhatsApp group chat for zc33s owner in the UK. I was doing some digging around for other suzuki forums over the weekend and found (Italy) spoke with the creator and they have a WhatsApp group which I have been invited into with over a 150+ active members in. The forum is also very active.

Odviously being in a WhatsApp group with over 150 Italians typing in all in Italian is abit overwhelming. But the videos and pictures are a great source of information and entertainment.

I'm more than happy to set up a WhatsApp group chat.

I would like to hear you thoughts.


I'd say go for It, why not. Although I havn't got a ZC33 I'd still be Interested In joining. Because who knows, maybe my next car will be a ZC33 🤔

@motormadmarc absolutely why not, odviously it would be better to get the collective knowledge of all owners. We all share the same interest.

The good thing about WhatsApp is you can turn the notifications of just to a specific chat so it's not going of in your pocket every 2 seconds.

Il get one set up, why not.

For all interested in joining, email
me your number and username on this forum to and il get you added straight away.

My numbers up in the for sale section, just pinch it from there 👍

Hi Will.

I'll send you my number when I get my new mobile. Hopefully that will be sometime soon 👍


Anyone else

I will send you my number 🙂

Bump nearly 10 in the group now.

Not trying to hijack the thread but maybe a whatsapp group for all sssoc would be a good idea.

I dont want to be left out basically.