Due to recent issues with Bots attempting to spam the site, user registration is now disabled. (I’ve spent countless hours trying to get google recaptcha to work with the forum but it’s not having it..).

Instead you will have to request for an account to be made for you.

Please find me on Instagram.


Drop me a message with:


Email: Your email address (this will be needed to set your own password)
Username: Your Requested Username

I will then create an account for you and send a password reset link directly to your email where you can set a password and login.

Alternatively you may contact me on Facebook. You will find me in the Suzuki Swift Sport Owners Facebook Group:

I hope this doesn’t put anyone off wanting an account on the forum. Being a member gives you access to exclusive discounts (visible to club members only) and also allows you to be part of the discussions.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Website Developer / Club Admin.