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CTC Performance Swift Sport Hybrid


So we have made a replacement hose from factory air box to the turbo removing the restriction in the OEM hose. The OEM hose has a ID at the narrowest point of 35mm although the turbo inlet is 45mm. Ours tapers down evenly from the MAF housing meaning there is no restriction. These are now in production in Red, Blue and Black.

We have also 3D printed the MAF and Air box for the hybrid. Production starts soon on our intake kit. Similarly Black, Blue and Red silicone hose will be available and the kit can be bought as open pod or with optional Carbon Fibre air box as can be seen in the pics below.

We are also part way through developing a down pipe to remove the particulate filter while keeping the check engine light off.

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  • 7F2B87B0-6113-42A7-A6A5-EB172C38AE2C.jpeg
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Looking good guys 👍

Fitted a Hardrace front brace. It’s not a direct fit, had to cut a hole for the header tank bracket as well as bend the main bar to create clearance so will make a CTC brace at some point as no one is going to want to cut and modify a brand new part to fit.

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