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Hi CTC regarding your exhaust the only problem I have with it(unsilenced version) is at 70 and at typical town reves-with a mother in law on board so sensible driving :), I get a reverberation that drills into your head. I've checked all connections and everything is tight and done up.
the noise from the exhaust its self is lovely and I've had comments from others saying so, volume is to me spot on loud enough when you floor it for a petrol head but quiet enough not to piss my neighbours off when you bimble home. quality of parts is excellent.
I'm wondering if I change the exhaust rubbers to softer ones if that would help with the drone at 70.

Not going to help it’s resonance and that’s effected by many things hence we need to spend some more time testing different solutions. Our biggest issue is the UK always gets the car last so we have to work faster in developing parts to make sure we can compete 🙁

Quote from Skomaz on June 6, 2020, 8:59 pm

Fair point... was just wondering so thought it worth an ask

I think Bluespark do a tuning box so i guess thats always an option...

We can map your car for more power no problem and if you or anyone else with a 1.0T can loan us the car for a few weeks we can sort out some parts.

Ok will bear that in mind. I'm mulling over a few things at the moment. Thanks

Any update on releasedate for the exhaust tips?

New products coming, new design exhaust system to fix the resonance issues at motorway speeds!

New Design Swift Sport K14C & K14D Exhaust System’s are out of production and ready to ship from 4th January!

We will do some videos of the system on our demo car as soon as weather and COVID permits.

Rear Silencer to fit OEM centre £395.83+VAT
CatBack System no resonator £499.99+VAT
CatBack System with resonator £583.32+VAT
Optional front pipe from cat £104.16+VAT

Choice of 3 tips no change to the system price.

- Silver
- Burnt Blue
- Satin Black Paint

If you wish to order please email

If you have already expressed interest we will contact you next week.


High quality 304 Stainless Steel
All Mandrel Bends
57.15mm Diameter Tube
101mm Diameter Clamp on tips
Up to 31% Weight Reduction over OEM System
Slip Joints for perfect fitment
Made In Britain 🇬🇧

*Please Note our system does not have TUV approval so may not be legal in certain EU countries. If you need TUV approval we can offer several other brands. Ask for details.

Next up... new down pipe design, new Intercooler design, BOV for Hybrid, Intake for Hybrid, Air Box for hybrid and non hybrid intake (in production finally), Down Pipe for Hybrid, ECU tune for Hybrid, BOV Spacer for Hybrid, Silicone Intake Pipe for Hybrid OEM Air Box, ARP Bolts for K14C, Clutch Options for K14C, Forged Pistons and Rods, Better turbo Options, CSS, Standalone Management for k14C, head gasket for k14C lots to do in 2021...

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