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CTC Performance ZC33S Demo Car

Turbo is suitable for 260-500hp applications. Will be a little bit laggy to start but we wanted to move the power band up a bit. Plan is 250-260hp low boost and once the forged engine is in 300+

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Slowly getting there the big turbo setup is close to being ready for the dyno and the cage can be made.

Also booked to do 5 x rounds for the Javalin Sprint Series...

Will do Blyton Park, Anglesey x2 and 3 Sisters x 2

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That will be pretty interesting to see what a well sorted 250+bhp/ton zc33s can do!

Quote from CTC Performance on January 22, 2021, 12:09 am

Intake box is finished just the inlet to make now.

New turbo arrived so we have now booked fabrication shop to make the cage and turbo pipework...

This intake design looks pretty cool, are you looking to sell this design commercially or are you just keeping to your current design?

This is the finished design due out of production imminently.

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Looks good.

How does it sound?

Quiet. You either have no intake noise and a closed air box or open pod with intake noise unfortunately can’t really have both.

Forgot to update... car made 246hp at 1.6bar. We do have an issue there is a torque control map I think we have misses so you see at 4600rpm and 5600rpm there is a huge drop in power meaning it’s not able to build the power it should so I’m expecting 260+ at this boost. Basically wastegate is opening when it should not, but think we have found the map responsible... we will find out next week.

Forged internals are out of production end of the month so we can start on the forged engine and see if 2bar will see 300hp... watch this space!

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