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CTC Performance ZC33S Demo Car

Looks a bit different now... more visual changes on their way soon.

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Phil Swift-Sport and ManicMechanic have reacted to this post.
Phil Swift-SportManicMechanic

They do sound like interesting things in development!

Was there a reason you changed from the BuddyClub F91 wheels?

Tyre fitment the Cup2’s would not work on the Buddyclub wheels but I still have them, they will go on the 2020 Swift Sport Hybrid we have 😉

Ah, phew! I ordered a set of BuddyClub F91's but then suddenly worried you found problems with them, I won't be running quite so beefy tyres though.

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CTC Performance

The engine is back from ARP, the rods and pistons are in design, the head gaskets are on the way from Japan, CSS being done in January, head porting is well under way, the Recaro mount design is complete, injectors are sorted for big power, turbo is due first week in Jan and then we can get the pipework made up and the roll cage made... exciting times!

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Jim ClarkManicMechanic

Intake box is finished just the inlet to make now.

New turbo arrived so we have now booked fabrication shop to make the cage and turbo pipework...

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Phil Swift-Sport

Nice. Things are certainly looking good guys.

Will be fitted later this month along with the roll cage. Can’t wait!

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Big turbo is on, hard pipe kit made and powdercoated, massive DownPipe made, coolant expansion bottle relocated, tow hook fitted as we are going single exit exhaust... lots happening over the coming weeks! Cage next once the exhaust is complete...

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That's a big turbo. What's the power range for that particular turbo?

...and how much power are you aiming for on the Swift Sport?